Here’s what we’re Gannadoo!

We’re ‘Gannadoo’ books for little groovers.

Our goal is, that every self-published picture book we produce will be 100% ‘ACCESSIBLE’ and a minimum 99.9% ‘INCLUSIVE’!

WOW! That’s not as easy as it sounds. Well it can’t be, because if it was, all our major international publishers would be producing Inclusive books themselves, and yet… 

Sure, it’s a niche market that needs a non-standard print book, and yeah, e-books have done amazing things to get books in the hand of many others short in supply of print. But the thing is, there are still children, and parents and guardians of children, out there who can’t read your average book, or have a book read to them. 

At Gannadoo ABOOK, we’re not just going to ‘Gannadoo‘ a book, we’re ‘Gannadoo’ A BOOK for everyone, and we mean EVERYONE. That’s an INCLUSIVE book.

Spotty Dotty available as an-e-book!
Spotty Dotty book on sale now ISBN 9780648566205 Gannadoo ABOOK for little groovers

Took a little while coming but the E-Book is available for purchase on Amazon and Kindle for $3.80.

Once we have the ability to sell the e-version from our store it will be up and available there.
At present we are happy to announce that ‘Spotty Dotty’ is an ‘ACCESSIBLE’ Book, but we only hit about 90% for our inclusive 99.9% target.  We’re applying everything we learned to Project 2020!


By Katherine Duncan
ISBN: 978-0648566229 (Hardcover)(also available in paperback)
Published by Gannadoo ABOOK 2019

Spotty Dotty is a blind owl that can do everything that all the other owls can, except for one thing…

Spotty Dotty cannot see.

Because of this, her everyday life is hard and leaves her excluded and alienated.

Sad and lonely because she cannot play with the other owls, Spotty Dotty wanders away to hide. But someone ‘sniffs‘ her and shows Spotty Dotty that being blind doesn’t exclude her, it just requires a different approach.

Together with her new friend, Spotty Dotty finds another way to play and heads on out to have fun.

three great reasons to have Gannadoo A Book round to do a show3 GREAT reasons to book a BRAILLE AWARENESS SHOW in 2020

(even with our social distancing implementation and requirements!)

4 Reasons to have a Braille Awareness Show in 2020 invite Gannadoo ABOOK to visit your little groovers2020 has 3 perfect excuses to incorporate a Braille Awareness show into your Kindergarten program or your junior primary school classes. With the implementation of social distancing in classrooms the show can still be accommodated either LIVE or via remote online streaming. We can ALWAYS work out a solution that will fit your and your young learners needs. That is after all what we do – work it out to make sure EVERYONE gets the ‘story’!

  1. CBCA Book Week: 22-28 August
  2. World Site Day: 8 October
  3. Social Inclusion Week: 21-29 November

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